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Melany Smith bookmark_border -- 3 projects
Terry Daniels bookmark_border -- 1 project
Anthony Briggs bookmark_border -- 4 projects
Henry Slate bookmark_border -- 2 projects
Jane Guzmann bookmark_border -- 3 projects
Stella Bergmann bookmark_border 08/09/2018, 16:37 by Josh Daniels 2 projects
Kareem Jabbar bookmark_border 12/09/2018, 02:55 by Helen Miller 3 projects
Marc Walters bookmark_border 06/08/2018, 11:22 by Helen Miller 2 projects
Alan Maynard bookmark_border -- 1 project
Alice Mitchells bookmark_border 17/08/2018, 13:18 by Helen Miller 2 projects


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Anthony Briggs

02:48 pm
Hello Anthony, did you finish the Hackman project's report ?
02:48 pm
I need it for some paper work.
02:49 pm
The Hackman report ? Iam almost done with it
11:37 pm
Did you reveive the report in your inbox ? I sent it to you this morning